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Originally posted by incy
OK I must be kind of bad at explaining, but my point is that sometimes it doesn't abort when I'm transferring, and sometimes it aborts twice or alike.
What type of transfer are you doing when you encounter this problem, uploading, downloading, or fxp?

Plus when I press Stop queue, then it sometimes just continues, with the scenario in the previous post, but it DOES switch buttons so Transfer Queue (green one) shows instead, but hitting it just to test have no effect, like clicking on a non-existant button, so when this happens I have to logoff the ftps and back on to start the transfer again, sometimes I even have to quit ffxp and try again because it screws up.

It's hard to explain, but I hope you atleast understand a bit now =)
It was my understanding that this had been fixed in build 803, which build are you using? Have you tried build 808.
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