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well i never had this "problem", cause i always only connect to serv-u and glftpd ftp servers , and these servers are fully supported by flashfxp... but i know what u mean, the "problem" is that flashfxp "only" supports standard server types, for example wsftp pro "knows" almost every server type and "autoselects the best commands"... this feature command is also available in cute ftp (pro), cute ftp checks on every connect for the features:

500 'FEAT': command not understood.
STATUS:> This site doesn't support the 'features' command.

this feature may only affect a few users, actually i dont mind of these missing features in flashfxp cause i never use them

i think the author (bigstar) of flashfxp kinda follows his own ideas, he tried to code the best fxp program in world, and we all know he did the best fxp program

programs like cute ftp, wsftp, leech ftp, smartftp etc aint good in fxp actions cause they do not offer the well known and well loved *g* features flashfxp offers.

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