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Exclamation "CPU Hog" ? Only Me ??


I have 1 issue though.

1. I have a RaidenFTPD install local + zipscript (hate wasting time check if files are ok or not)

2. I have mapped network drives. E: F: G: H: . (10mbit network)

Oki ... when i use FlashFXP to FTP (not xfer) from F: to my local server. It seem FlashFXP cant work fast enough. My computer goes.. boohhaaaaaaaaa .... chewingum feeling. BUT, if i raise its resource priority to "High" then it working "kinda ok", not satified though. ..hmmmm... i hope you understand the part above the "resource priority". (If you rightclick on your taskbar and goto flashfxp when its running. Rightclick on flashfxp and give it higher priority..)

I know infact that this is not only on my computer. tried it on other puter aswell. samesame ..

The stranges thing is that we tried different ftpclient. All of them react the same accept for CuteFTP. Now i Dont want CuteFTP to be the best FTP client in town so thought i let you know...

You prolly wonder why i use FTP but not XFER from the network drive. The speed shows when minimize FlashFXP.

I hope you understans the issue im trying to explain for you.

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