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Default feature suggestion & a little question

some things that id like to see in future versions would be:

1) if you have ident_lookup set to true, it should override ident completely, right now if you have a user added with blah@, server has ident_lookup on false, it doesnt allow him to login. in the logs it lists him at "@".
(correct me if im wrong)

2) an option to disable the space listing of each dir in the directory list (you know, where it shows the space taken up by a dir). its painfully slow if there are a lot of folders, especially on LAN'ed drives.

3) option to exclude groups from stats

now to my question:

when i have one users sending at 3mb+ the transfers of all other users slow down to a crawl, so does the LIST command and well, the whole site feels REALLY lagged. whats the reason for that ?

i have the thread set to high priority in win2k, also the cpu isnt the bottleneck (its a quad).

heres what i have in the .ini:
Process_Priority       = High       # (Idle/Normal/High/Realtime)
Worker_Thread_Min      = 10         # Minimum amount of worker threads
Worker_Thread_Max      = 20         # Maximum amount
Worker_Thread_Priority = Low        # (Idle/Lower/Low/Normal/High/Highest/Critical)
Io_Thread_Min          = 3          # Io Threads
Io_Thread_Priority     = High       # (Idle/Lower/Low/Normal/High/Highest/Critical)
thx for your help
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