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Default Dangling connections reason unknown

Doc- noticed some strange behaviour or ioFTPD and upon further investigation (using sitekill and looping though the connections) the following occured.
From your sitewho.cpp I conclude that nPos is the next valid connection and iPos=nPos-1 is the one that i sinteresting.

We had the following situation:
[22:25:23] 200-Password_File=..\etc\passwd
[22:25:23] 200-Group_File=..\etc\group
[22:25:23] 200-CALLED SendMessage with iPos=0 result: nPos=1
[22:25:23] 200-Connection 0 uid=419 gid=501 Dead=0
[22:25:23] 200-CALLED SendMessage with iPos=1 result: nPos=2
[22:25:23] 200-Connection 1 uid=454 gid=522 Dead=0
[22:25:23] 200-CALLED SendMessage with iPos=2 result: nPos=3
[22:25:23] 200-Connection 2 uid=396 gid=501 Dead=0
[22:25:23] 200-CALLED SendMessage with iPos=3 result: nPos=4
[22:25:23] 200-Connection 3 uid=457 gid=539 Dead=0
[22:25:23] 200-CALLED SendMessage with iPos=4 result: nPos=5
[22:25:23] 200-Connection 4 uid=-1 gid=539 Dead=0
[22:25:23] 200-User -1 can not be found in ..\etc\passwd
[22:25:23] 200-CALLED SendMessage with iPos=5 result: nPos=6
[22:25:23] 200-Connection 5 uid=103 gid=503 Dead=0
[22:25:23] 200-CALLED SendMessage with iPos=6 result: nPos=7
[22:25:23] 200-Connection 6 uid=457 gid=539 Dead=0
[22:25:23] 200-CompareNumber:idle>120 result:0
[22:25:23] 200-CALLED SendMessage with iPos=7 result: nPos=-1
[22:25:23] 200-Totally 0 connections kicked
[22:25:23] 200 Command Successful.

It appeared that there was a connection normally in the sequence of users connected with uid=-1... I couldnt find any reason why or how it got there. Clearly it is somethign from io only how it got there is unknown and not replicable. The connection could be easily killed with the new sitekill uid=-1 but yet it is strange to me. Maybe there is some minor bug in 4.6.2 left. So in the new version you might want to look at it.
Jeez is this techy or what?
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