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Default Ideas from pftp and some that i think would help

Is there possibility that FlashFxp will be some day multi-server. That you run one flash and for example 4 sites and you check from where to where you want to send that?
And next more realistic that is in pftp is chained dirs. I paste what readme.txt from pftp says: "In chained-FTP mode, all sites are kind of "chained" to each other, to "synchronize" their actual
working-dir. Means, that if you CWD on one site, all others will follow (if possible). The PREPARE and TRANSFER functions are chained too, so all sites should be synchronized to each other."
It would be cool to use CTRL+B (bookmark) and choose for example Mp3-Today dir once.. and it would change the dir on both sides if possible.
Also i wonder if it's possible that 2 sites in same flash could do all the commands independly. What i mean is that now if you do CWD on one site .. the other one waits .. and after the one finishes the other one starts. It kinda block things. You can't do SITE INVITE <nick> on one site when the other one is working now..
The 3rd thing is about dupes and aborting command. Can the abort command after dupe is found be little faster? Now it kinda blocks me for about 50 secs or something like that. I have only one site that when dupe is found the abort command works great.. it doesn't stuck at all. I don't write here about turning XDUPE because i mean the dupes that happen 0-10 secs after the file is uploaded by someone else. I don't know if it's the flash fault or rather i should talk to the ftp deamon programmers? Let me know.
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