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2.14 - if upgrading from 2.13 then overwrite the .exe and iotrial.ini , there has been some changes in the ini file. there are also some tcl changes

- added the ability for users to be diasbled or deleted
- added some more TCL announces
- changed some functions to make iotrial more bug safe
- now you can only add users to trial that actually on the ftp! checks the PASSWD for users

new tcl announces (you can change the way they look)
-TEST- [TRIAL] + Uh Oh! snype has failed the trial.
-TEST- [TRIAL] + snype's account has been disbaled.
-TEST- [TRIAL] + snype has been added to trial.
-TEST- [TRIAL] + snype has been deleted from trial.
-TEST- [TRIAL] + snype has been deleted from site for failing the trial.

how does the user get disabled
all my script does is "site change <user> logins 0" , now the user cant login ..
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