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resource +share channel <shareName> <channelName>

Return: "" on success, error is fatal


resource -unshare channel <shareName>

Return: ChannelName on success, error is fatal


Use this with locks, to create persistent connections, like:

iputs -nobuffer "Locking and Sharing juliet"

resource +lock "juliet"

if { [catch { set juliet [resource -unshare channel "juliet www server"] }] != 0 }

iputs -nobuffer "Creating juliet"

set juliet [socket 80]

} else {
iputs -nobuffer "Juliet read from share"

iputs -nobuffer "Sharing juliet: $juliet"

resource +share channel "juliet www server" $juliet

resource -unlock "juliet"

iputs -nobuffer "Juliet successfully processed"

*Note* After sharing channel, interpreter does not have control anymore - read/write/etc will return with fatal error.
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