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hey guys, just download drtcp, thats all i did

heres what i read

TCP Receive Window: This is where you set RWIN (RcvWindow). RWIN is the single most important tweak. Raising Rwin from default (8760 for Win95/98/98SE/NT and 17520 for WinME/2K/XP), can greatly improve download speeds. Why? Here is my kindergarten analogy: Default RWIN for broadband, is like having a tiny straw in a thick milk shake, only so much can get through the straw (line), so fast. By putting a larger straw (higher RWIN) in that same thick shake, you allow more shake (data) to come through faster, to a point that is. After which, there is no more improvement, and shake (data) can start spilling all over (packet loss). So the key is, to find an RWIN that fits your line just right. This is blank before changing from default.

i set mine to 32768

this is the page

and the program can be downloaded here

change rwin setting and then reboot
see if it works

thats all i did and updated to the latest flashfxp and it all works again
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