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I know how you can replicate it - buy a Dell Dimension 5000 and install Flash FXP, that's how I replicated it! Who knows what MTU TCP regedit etc fiddling has occured on your XP machines!! My DELL was straight out of the box turned on and the first app I installed (apart from my Netgear adapter) was Flash FXP - didn't work, went to add/remove progs found the hotfix uninstalled it and it worked... it's a nobrainer for me given it is exactly the same on my other PC (Advent AMD Athlon 2100)! There MUST be some regedit tweaking to do - I know nothing about this though. I think you will see the number of complaints rise (as they are rising already) when users realise that this forum exists - who knows how many others are like me out there with broken clients.
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