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Originally posted by swspjcd
I did some transfers on our local 100Mb network and the differences between v3.02 and 3.1beta were about 1300k/sec with 3.1beta being the slower. PASV was off for both tests. Both had packet sizes of 8k. I can get more detailed tests if you like.
I changed the packet size to DEFAULT on v3.1beta and got about 7600k/sec. When I changed the packet size to 8K on v3.02, I got roughly the same speeds. If I change the packet size on v3.02 to 4096, I get about 1200k more per second although changing the packet size on v3.1beta to 4096 only gets about 5100k/sec. Even weirder. The fluctuations between my speed tests last night and today are expected since there is more network traffic during the day. The speed differences seem relative though.
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