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Originally posted by bigstar
As a test rename the "flashfxp.ini" file in your 3.1 install to something else say "flashfxp.ini.bak", this will reset all of the settings to default. Please let me know if the default settings provide better results.

If the above doesn't work try this.. If your internet configuration allows it, try turning off passive mode in FlashFXP.
I renamed the flashfxp.ini and the speeds were the same. I am forced to use PASV because I am behind a firewall that I don't control so I can't control the port options. The ftp daemon I'm sending to is IOFTPD v5-8-5r although I'm not sure that matters. I am also going to try sending something from one server to another internally in our network where I *can* turn off PASV and see what happens.
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