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I'm a registered user of FlashFXP (I can't find that ID in the About Box, just my name...).

I am encountering the same problem so I thought I just post some information about my system here that might help you guys to track it down.

OS: Windows XP (latest patches installed...)
FlashFXP: 1.4.3 (Build 835)
WinVNC: 3.3.3 R9
BestCrypt: v7

The problem persists if I close WinVNC and if I dismount all BestCrypt drives.

I can minimize FlashFXP with Alt-TAB or via the minimize button as long as I don't touch the taskbar with my mouse. I haven't found any way to maximize FlashFXP after minimizing it.

I registered FlashFXP in May but the problem appeared later some time.

If you need further information feel free to drop me a note.

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