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Default Re: Access violation at address 0043485D in module 'FlashFXP.exe'.

Originally posted by Elector
Sometimes I get this errormessage, when I move my mouse over the taskbar in Windows.

Access violation at address 0043485D in module 'FlashFXP.exe'. Read of address 03E4FFFE
An internal error has occurred.

27-02-2002 09:18:39
Version: 1.4.2 (build 831)
Compiled on: Jan 28, 2002
Object class: TApplication
Object Name:
Access violation at address 00434759 in module 'FlashFXP.exe'. Read of address 03E4FFFE

And I get a LOT of them, at least 10 each second, when I keep holding the mouse over the taskbar.

PS. This was made with the "old" FlashFXP, I just tried the new one, and it's the same problem. :-(

A few clarifying questions.... is FFXP connected ? is it transferring ? is it trying to connect ? is it minimized ? is it in the tray ?... is there anything common when these errors happen ??

What OS you using ?

Are you using a cracked version ? do you have any virus scanners running ? is there any other software running in the back ground ?

Just anything else along those lines that you can think of ?
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