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Default Ftp problems - with all clients

Hey im having problems connecting to most ftp sites, Im using the lastest version of flasfxp with it registered but i have tried many other clients and still no luck.
Im on windows XP pro SP2 but all the firewalls are turned off. Iinclude software ones.
Im using ICS but i have checked on the master computer and it is the same.

Most ftp sites use 21 as the deafult port right....well any of those i cannot conect to although i do have one that uses a another port 5*** and this connects.....
But one of the strange things is that dreamweaver has a built in ftp client (Very hard to use and not exactly user-friendy) and this connects fine. But i noticed that i have to have a setting (sftp) enabled, also dreamweaver doesnt ask for aport.

Any idea?Solutions?
Much apriciated.
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