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no I entered them like this, /private in address
memorex in user
memorex in pass
It's not user error believe me I've check that :P
Like I say it's no big deal,but I see how if it's a bug it might interest you. I can deal with it, I thought maybe it was somthing more commen. If not well maybe I should reinstall or try another program to enter password sites.I really not loseing any sleep over, I like this program and I'm only trying it out for now. I prob.
don't belong on too many password sites anyway, they just happen to land on my list,(making cut and paste a *****) another XP problem(cut and paste with Ctrl-c,Ctrl-p buggy in XP) . I thank you for your help but there's no need to go out of your way. Not for me anyway :P
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