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I don't know anymore how to explain it. Here one thing I do know.
It's always when I do a quick connect,and when I paste the info into the address and the manually enter the user and password.
hmm let me find one here for an example for you... here's one... /private L:memorex P:memorex Port:21
gives me an anonymous error. And now it seems to be happening all the time.
Here's another ? Is there any way to see the history of what connects I,ve DL from and what I've DL'ed? I had the autoque. at startup disabled because it was buggy with XP too. It would hang looking for the que. and I'd have to alt-tab throught the sessions because the que. window gets stuck behind the new session. Even without the que.'s it there a way to see where I've been? & what I dl'ed from where and what dir.?
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