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Default Problem FXP b/w sites when ICS is enabled under WindowsXP (work fine under Windows2K)


I am currently using FTP Explorer as my client but wanted to try out the FXP b/w sites option w/ FlashFXP. I downloaded the current available version from this website but am having problems getting FXP b/w sites to work under Windows XP Pro w/ ICS enabled.

FXP b/w sites when ICS is enabled under windows XP will not work. I tired the various suggestions found in this forum such as PASV mode and ALT. UP/DOWN and SITE USES MASQ ... but none of the combination of settings will let me FXP b/w sites. Direct download is fine. When ICS is DISABLED, fxp b/w sites works flawlessly. The problem does not exist when running under Windows 2000 w/ or w/out ICS.
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