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Default Menus influencing FTP command processing

hi everyone.
i thought id mention something here which annoyed me for quite a while already, but i havent thought of posting it

it seems the menus of flashfxp are influencing the processing of ftp commands.
for example (thats what happens to me most of the time), connect to a site on the left side. while still logging on (can take a while if the welcome msg is long or something, or its on the other side of the world) click the connect button on the right side to connect to another site. it will stop the processing of the left login (or whatever ftp commands are currently processed) on the left side while in the selection menu, if im really slow i might even get a timeout between commands.

it would be nice if that processing could continue while clicking through menus...i made some experiments and it always stops if you use any menus (right click, or the top row, buttons, whatever).

in spite of that little thing, i really cant say there is anything in flashfxp i would call anoying or not-userfriendly - nice work everyone on the team, and thx for the frequent updates!
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