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Angry logs me off when I hit "Transfer Cue"

FlashFXP version 3.0.2 build 1044
Compiled on Oct 27, 2004
Evaluation version, on day 14 of 30

NAT Router [YES] Model [Blitz]
RUnning Firewall [YES] Version [Windows SP2 Firewall]
Running ANtivirus [E-Trust]
Network [DSL]

Hi there, I was wondering does anyone have this issue, or know how to handle it.

Just today this started happening, right out of the blue.

I log onto 2 sites, same as always - load the cue file I have saved. I hit "Transfer Cue" and Flash logs me off from the site I'm downloading from...

It then re-logs on to that site and starts transferring the files, on it's own.

Here's what it looks like, not sure how helpful it will be.

[R] LIST -al
[R] 150 Data connection accepted from; transfer starting.
[R] 226 Transfer ok
[R] List Complete: 298 bytes in 0.22 seconds (1.3 KB/s)
[L] 221 Bye bye ...
[L] Logged off: Site Name...

Basically, it successfully lists the entire folder structure/directory... and I hit "transfer cue", it says "QUIT"... logs me out, then logs back on, and starts sending the file right away. It doesn't wait for me to log it on, doesn't wait for me to manually move the file.

What is going on here!? and why did it just suddenly start doing this? I can't explain it. I don't think I changed anything to make it do this, and it's doing it with all sites that I log into, not just one.

Thank you, in advance
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