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In order to make any program multi-threaded from a previous release that so obviously is not (ie the queue is paused while downloading a live update) it DOES require proper planning, time and quite possibly large amounts of changes in the code. I can't speak for flashfxp specifically, but i am also a programmer and scripter in about 12 different languages, so i know just how much work a 'simple feature' (as it may been seen) can actually take to properly implement.

Also, there are no laws for programmers, a 'major release milestone' does not have to mean a thing. It is entirely at the developers descretion. I believe the many changes implemented and the association/partnership with IniCom Networks qas quite sufficient for the 3.0 release branch.

Not that a version number makes a blind bit of difference to the users. The developers could jump to 6.0 with the next bug fix, what difference would it really make to the end user...

ps. if you payed for this software, why dont you update your profile to reflect that.

... Oh yeah, and i personally also very much dislike tabbed browsing. However i do believe the future implementation of tabbed (optional if possible, but doesn't really matter in the end) sessions would be great. Even though i would mostly not use the feature (if it were optional not to use it) very often.
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