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A milestone in development terms is 'usually' the current state of progress or the completion of certain feature before final (alpha, beta, release candidate and so on).

Secondly, how can you be so sure a re-write is not required? Do you have physical access to the source where you can make an educated judgment or are you ball parking your judgment based on no facts, just for the sake of criticism?

I'm sure they [FlashFXP’s developer(s)] could quickly code a tabbed feature if they wanted to. However, I doubt the result would as satisfactory if they took the time to properly plan, test, and implement it. After all, good things are worth waiting for. Maybe they have to redesign the threading model to improve the responsiveness of the application to compensate for the added ‘burden’ of tabs. Maybe they need to minimize the increased memory usage introduced by tabbing. Maybe the widgets/controls they were planning on using or writing drastically increase load times.

Personally, I find your attack on FlashFXP, particularly the developer(s), quite childish and naive. I’m not sure if you frequent these forums, if you do, you would have noticed the numerous requests for ‘tabs’. If you thought your post was different then the previous ones, or you had an idea no one else had touched on…you didn’t – it was the exact same, for the most part, as the past requests.

Courtesy and respect is looked upon greater then impatience and negative criticism, so why not show some?
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