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My test-box is currently a win2k pro SP2, btw..

Well, If I queue up two remote dirs, select both, edit, tab to the target, it does say multiple selected, and that's promising, BUT;
the target-dir initially holds the dir reference to the FIRST dir selected. At first I thought it was an oversight, but if I type a different dir or browse to one, the source-dir names of all these items are ignored, and all files in them is dumped directly into the target dir. VERY messy. I refuse to believe that's what you intended.

selected dirs: remote/dir1, remote/dir2
queued to local/

if transfered direct, both dir1 and dir2 would be created in local/

if edited, the target-dir would say local/dir1, and files would say multiple selected

Let's say you changed the shown local/dir1 in target-dir to local/today and hit ok, all files in remote/dir1 and remote/dir2 gets put in /local/today WITHOUT re-creating dir1 and dir2 respectively.

I remember in, it promted you for each selected dir, it was rather annoying, but atleast it worked.

See the problem? Am I doing it all wrong?
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