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Exclamation Max sessions for unregistered Users??

FlashFXP version 3.0.2 build 1044
Compiled on Oct 27, 2004
Evaluation version, on day 4 of 30

NAT Router [YES] Model [Blitz]
RUnning Firewall [YES] Version [Windows SP2 Firewall]
Running ANtivirus [E-Trust]
Network [DSL]

__________________________________________________ _

I haven't registered my flashFXP yet, and I've been having problems with uploading. It just dawned on me that perhaps it is because I have too many sessions open at one time...?

Is there a "session limit" for unregistered users? When I have just 2 sessions open, so far, so good...

But when I have more than 3 sessions open, my flash stalls after sending ONE file. I have to sit there and babysit it. I did notice, last night, that if I send a message from my server, (the server I am uploading to), the message kick starts Flash into gear, and it starts moving the next file. The message can be anything, just text.

I can't explain it. Can you?

I was running WarFTP server when I asked this very similar question the other day. Thank you for helping me. (but i changed servers so now I am using BulletProof Server)

I did put the NOOP commands in there, and whatever it was that did it, it worked. I was also brought to the attention of the firewall issue... I am not sure, now that I look back on it, if it was that help you gave me, or if it was the fact I was running less instances of Flash.

The NOOPS are not kick starting flash into sending the next file. I actually have to log off, log back on, and send the next file. It's really quite frustrating.

Any help you could give me would be much appreciated. I want to register this program, but I can't see spending $$ on it if I'm going to have to live on the "help" board to make it work, or to understand it It's probably the easiest FXP program I've ever used, I really do enjoy it's simplicity... please help.

Apparently my theory on "multiple instances" of unregistered Flash as being the cause of "stalling" is off... I have only 2 instances open, one is transferring just fine, the other is stalling after one file.
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