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Thumbs up Why does Flash3 Disconnect after every file?

HI all

A bit new to this but I have been using Flash v2

All was fine and dandy.

But after a major PC crash, I downloaded the new version

Flash FXP 3 (build 1015)

But I can't figure out why , when I queue up a no. of files from 1 server, it disconnects after every file transfer then reconnects to the server before starting the next one.

I didn't have this issue with Flash V2.

Also another thing whilst I'm here.

I queued up a number of files over the weekend and went away, but when I came back today, I have the prompt screen:-

Do you wish to to resume download or overwrite file.

Now on V2 of Flash, it had a timer countdown (60 secs if I remember) and if you don't choose an option, it just overwrites the file.

But Flash V3 has been waiting all weekend for me to select whixh option. Where's the timer?

Any ideas would be much appreciated.

Opps, before I go. None of the hardware has changed BUT I am now using Windows XP Service Pack 2 (Where I was using Windows XP Service Pack 1 with Flash V2)


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