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I read that:
FlashFXP v3.0.1 Build 1030 - 09/05/2004
CHG: Improved IP-NAT detection and handling when performing site to site transfers.
and I hoped that it is some how connected with my problem.

But I can't understand...
I thought that FlashFXP is responsible for sending IP to FTP and not NAT.

That is why there is option in Preferences on Connection tab - "Force Active Mode to use this IP". Of course I read in HELP that it responsible for local connections, but I thought it is somehow also influence FXP transfers.

So. Can you explain me, please:
1. Who sends IP to FTP (FTPs) during FXP - NAT or FlashFXP?
2. Can you make the same option as "Force Active Mode to use this IP" for FXP mode transfers?


Originally posted by bigstar
ICS uses NAT and as you know NAT isn't compatible with site to site transfers.

The reason NAT isn't compatible with site to site transfers is that NAT will replace the IP in the PORT command with your own IP.
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