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Default doubleclick on weblinks should open browser

isnt that a good idea? now you wonder why you need that in flashfxp.

Lets say you login to a ftpserver and in the welcome msg you see in the status window you have some weblinks, would be good to have if we could doubleclick on them and they would open in a browser.

also some ftpd software has so you can execute text files such as .txt/.html and they would show the content in the status window, some of them include weblinks that could be of interest, and instead of copy, open IE or mozilla, paste, enter it would make life with pc much easier.

also have an old suggestion that might have been forgotten?

in sitemanager when selecting a directory your not able to change the settings. That would be a good feature to have. So you can change the settings for all sites under that directory at the same time instead for doing everything manual.
Lets say you want to use proxy or disable feat or whatever option you need to change, instead of doing so with all those sites manual you can just press it once.
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