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Originally posted by bigstar
When you enabled Alternative FXP did the direction of the PASV <> PORT commands reverse?
Yes, it did. But the response were the same.

My thought was that profxp did things backwards compared to FlashFXP. My reason for this was because of the PASV reply. One reply ends with a period and the other doesn't. I took this as a sign of two different ftp servers returning the PASV reply.
Well.. it does something else, thats for sure. One difference is that FlashFXP is running behind a fw and profxp aint.. but my understanding of FXP is that my client doesnt bother about communication between the two servers ?

One site allowing PORT and the other not allowing it.
Both support both PASV and PORT mode.. atleast for direct down-/up -loading.

Been trying a few different ftp-servers and from what I can get is the following:
  • proftpd <-> proftpd = no go
  • proftpd <-> raidenftpd = no go
  • proftpd <-> glftpd = no go
  • proftpd <-> vsftpd = no go
  • proftpd <-> g6ftpserver = works both ways
  • glftpd <-> glftpd = works both ways

I find this pretty strange ? What really amazes me is that the g6ftpserver worked .. becouse that one is aculy behind a fw seen from the proftpd's side..

I can setup a lab for you if you would like to debug something.. PM me in that case.
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