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That's the problem partially

ok once again, let's see

i have 2 computers, with 2 sets of IP addresses

(just examples)

Computer 1)
a) Internet IP:
b) LAN IP:

Computer 2)
a) Internet IP:
b) LAN IP:

lan ips are the alternative IP's

now if i try to download with computer 1 (a) from computer 2 (a) i will get capped by internet connection so that downloading computer gets max down rate and uploading computer sends out at max up rate

now if i connect with a computer 1 (a) to computer 2 (b (which is easy since you input the B address instead of A address)) and download from it, the computer 1 uses the internet IP and get's capped by the internet limits and the computer 2's sends unlimited.

I need a way to get computer 1 to use the lan-ip to connect to computer 2 thuse no limiting would happen hope this clarifies more than it confuses
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