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Let me outline the steps I took which may better define the issue and can be traced within the log file:

1. Transferred file 'AP_BATCH_7-24.TXT' to the server
2. On the server side, I highlighted the newly transferred file.
3. Using the right click option 'Rename File', I changed the filename to 'smi_ap_import'. A file on the server already existed with this name, so I received the pop-up dialog warning for which I said 'OK'.
4. Following the 'OK' confirmation, for whatever reason, FlashFXP overwrote the file 'src_import.txt', completely ignoring the filename I had entered. Also, the original transferred file remained on the server and the pre-existing file (smi_ap_import.txt) which should have been overwritten, was deleted instead.

Hope this helps explain the issue more.
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