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Angry I lost my FlashFXP registry info!

I bought FlashFXP a while ago and recently my OS drive died on me. I havent been able to recover anything from it. When configured as Slave it was hanging Windows and I couldnt even post. I had to disconnect it to even be able to make post.

Anyway my FlashFXP registry info is on there. I cant remember the registration ID and im not sure which email I used but it can only be one of 2 for sure. I need help though, I can answer any questions about my account. I sent an email to support with my current email and the email I think I used to register. I still havent gotten a repply. Either way its one of them. If the email is just looked up im sure I can provide any additional info to prove its mine. Just not positive which one of the two it is.
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