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Originally posted by MxxCon
are you saying you can't access email that is recorded in FISKER_Q profile?
why don't you just login there and update it?
isn't it obvious that is email to contact for support
also support email is listed at page
Forgot to tell you i can't access my previous account, it must've been a random pass which i haven't changed. cause all my normal ranges of passwords didn't work.

I was thinking that there were no support email, so i didn't browse several levels down to find it.

I used the, where i got the idea you're probably trying to keep the support on the forums, instead of by mail.

That's nothing offensive, just thought you could as well mention that you would give more priority support to the forums, if that were the case.

Anyways i'm firing the whole email of to so thanks for the help. Right now i'm looking for the last octet of my ip, so i can give support a full ip to go after.
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