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Default Old account

I have an old account named FISKER_Q

I was wondering if it would be possible to merge the accounts? so this one gets deleted and my new email gets used on the other one.

I can't access my old email since it was moved to the one i'm currently using. That was to prevent scam and posing as officials of the state(Yes for some reason we could have whatever email we wanted from the same domain the state used for official purposes).

back then we also changed host, so i don't have much to prove it's me. I do have my partial ip though, so if it's possible to check my ip a time i've logged on it could be perfect.

The ip i've used earlier must have been something along the lines of The second octet isn't there because i can't remember it.

Also it could be a good idea to have some emails you can actually contact, instead of trying to "hide" the support.
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