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Thumbs up Expand Folder(s) in Queue

This feature was suggested a while ago, but in a post cluttered with 60 other suggestions. I feel thiat this particular feature should get the attention it deserves with its own thread.

21. add queue function to expand (optionally just the selected) queued dirs to make total transfer time correct (maybe just check the dirs one by one, optionally using recursive listing, to set their sizes in the queue - no need to display all the files then
That is..

Right-click a folder (or folders) in the queue and select "Expand".

This will enter each of the selected folders (locally or remote) and fill the queue with the files inside, as it would do during a transfer.

You could also add "Expand All" or "Expand Deep" so it expands all newly-discovered subfolders aswell.

This would be a great time saver for me.
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