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Lightbulb FlashSFV - Queueing Multiple SFV Files

Mentioned this on the old board, don't think anyone saw it before the board disappeared.

It would be nice for FlashSFV to "queue" additional SFV files.

I double click a SFV file, FlashSFV opens and starts processing, if I double click another SFV while the first one is processing, a second copy of FlashSFV opens and starts verifying also. So now everything slows to a crawl, and each FlashSFV window is only getting half as much CPU time as before, since theres 2 copies running.

If you can make it so that when the second SFV file is double clicked, it adds the files in it to the bottom of the current list, that would be great.

I was thnking you could have it remember the .SFV file and open it like normal when the first one finishes, but then you wouldn't know the status of the files in the first SFV file if you're not watching. So adding the files in the 2nd SFV file, to the bottom of the current list of files, is the ideal solution. This way you can see the status of all the files when it finishes.
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