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Public releases never seem to go as planned. Perhaps I have a split personality which breaks things in public releases. Who knows.. The problem was discovered shortly after uploading 831, which replaced 830 due to a small poxy issue. Some how I managed to delete a single character from the source. aCursor became Cursor and the busy hourglass stoppped working on the right side.

At any rate I uploaded a new fixed build 831 as fast as my 33.6 dialup connection would go, I ended up loosing connection during the upload and then I wasn't able to get back online.. stupid isp. By the time it was updated nearly an hour had passed. I then resubmitted the update to tucows.

ARGH speaking of my isp.. I think they heard me, I lost connection while trying this reply..

Since I doubt tucows has updated yet, you can grab the updated build 831 from
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