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Default FlashFXP stops in mid FXP

I havea prob i´ve had for aslong s I´ve run FlashFXP ....

Sometimes ... ofc not all the time ...

i haev a big queue set up .. and the transfer starts ... then when that file is done ... it doesn´t continue to the next ...

The elapsed time just keeps ticking ...

If I check on the servers I´m disconnected , but inFlashFXP it still looks like that one file is being FXP :d

If I press ABORT FlashFXp immediatly aborts , and I can press GO and transfers starts again , only to stop the same way after the next file ...

This is happening right now on a transfer of multiple 15mb files at about 16k ..

By the way I´m using 1.4.2 (830)

If the Author of FlashFXP could send me a debug build i can shut down this queue and resume it with the debug version, and hopefully get an errorlog explaining if the fault lies with flashfxp, the servers or my connetion ..

BigStar see PM for my mailadress

Regards / Jens
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