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Default FlashFXP Design Limitations (not bugs)

I was thinking sometimes some issues come up that aren't really bugs but rather design limitations. Basically things that work the way they do by design. Some of these limitations might be addressed in future releases.

[This is my second attempt at this list, I accidently closed IE during the first draft.. DOH!!!]

1. FlashFXP relies on the PWD to determine the current working folder, If the PWD command fails or returns the incorrect path, FlashFXP may malfunction and behave in a way that was not intended.

2. Passwords entered into Quick Connect can be viewed as plain text via the Queue Editor. This should be changed, We are currently looking into ways of addressing the problem. Resolved in build 840

3. File Exist rules rely on size only, FlashFXP does not allow the user to do things based on file dates. I think allowing dates would be a good idea, however I have found it very difficult to create a user friendly way to allow for this. A site manager setting for allowing the user to define the time zone of the server would probably be needed, along with an option to set the file time on upload.

4. FlashFXP requires the use of the CONNECT method when using a HTTP Proxy, this is because GET / POST only allow for retrieving file listing and uploading/downloading files. It does not allow for deleting, renaming, chmod, FXPing, etc.

5. FlashFXP does not support files/folders that start with a space, There are many different ftp file list formats. FlashFXP attempts to automatically handle them based on a set of rules. Depending on the ftp list format the number of spaces before a file name varies, in most cases there is only one space, however in some cases there are two or three, maybe even more. It is impossible for me at the current time to be specific enough to handle spaces in front of a name. All the ftp clients I have seen that handle spaces in front assume there is only one space, thus breaking compatiblity with ftp servers that use multiple spaces.

6. FlashFXP does not support SOCKS4A, only SOCKS4. I forget the reason, but perhaps support will be added in a future update. SOCKS4A added in build 862

7. Custom commands are limited to 250 characters in length due to a limitation in the db storage format. Resolved in build 853

8. FlashFXP only supports passive mode when using SOCKS5.

Can you think of a limitation that has come up in the past. Post a reply below and I will add it to the list. I know there are more, but they refuse to come to light.

This thread is not intended for discussion, once I have reviewed your post it will be added to the list, and then you reply will be removed from this thread.
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