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Question Queue Columns

Hi all,

Using the latest beta v2.2 Build 987.

Two quick questions. Is there a way to remove add colums in the queue window ? For instance I don't really need the information provided by the "remark" column and therefore made it small but it comes back each time I start Flashfxp. Autosizing is not a problem just the existence of certain queue window columns.

Also is there a "per site" transfer speed within FlashFXP ? I see a main one for all sites within Options/Transfer/Obey Speed Limit but I am wondering if there is a per site setting somewhere that I have missed?

Thanks in advance...

FlashFXP v4.0.0, build 1462, registered
OS: Windows 7 x64
Firewall: Linux IPTables
Antivirus: Sophos
Network: xDSL

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