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Exclamation 1 little bug, "Obey download/upload limit"

I've discovered a little bug.

When I use the "Obey download speed limit" and "Obey upload speed limit" I found out, that if I have 2 (or more) FlashFXP's running, it doesn't work right, when I change the value.

If I have 2 FlashFXP's running, both set to eg. 20KB/sec and I change it to eg. 10KB/sec in FlashFXP-1, the value allso changes in FlashFXP-2. That is, when I go into the config in FlashFXP-2 I can se the change, but the speed havn't changed, that doesn't happen untill I type in a value in FlashFXP-2 and press ok.

I can se that is's smart, that the speed is independent from FlashFXP to FlashFXP, but then the config shouldn't change IMO. It's a bit confusing, not that I didn't guess what the problem was, but since the rest of FlashFXP is such a good and welldesigned program, it would be nice to have it 100% pefect. :-)

Just my 0.02 euros (inflation you know).
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