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I’m sorry but I’m not an experienced user and English I’m imp roofing daily

Originally posted by Linkster
Can you right click the file, and select transfer? does that work?
No this is not working anymore ( bevor it was working)
After successful connection I’m receiving the contends of the Directory. But the root dir of each directories is greyed. By right clicking the rooth as well as the under Directories it gives me a greyed queue and transfer button.

Originally posted by Linkster
have you trying to select files from the tree view? you have to select files from the list view, below. you can only "queue" or transfer from right click using the treeview...the buttons only work on the list view.
Sorry this point I can't follow. Where I can find the explanation of the different of : tree view and list view?

At least I'm glad to get an answer so far
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