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Tue 2/03/04 12:50 pm. Thanx for response....

> How fast is the connection and how fast does the transfer speed appear in FlashFXP? <

A maximum of around 135 kB/sec according to DuMeter utility; the transfer speed doesn't *appear* in FlashFXP; the last thing it says is "Negotiating SSL/TLS session...." I did it just now to a test site, and FFXP finished and recovered, but not before locking the whole system -- frozen windows -- for about 10 seconds.

Also I believe that whatever's going wrong screws things up in some lingering way because eventually the wireless link fails and requires a reboot -- which it doesn't do in normal web browsing.

> You might try limiting the upload speed via the preferences / transfer tab. <

("options / preferences / transfer tab", "Obey upload speed limit") Ok I set it to 90 Kb. ... Seems to fix it! It still freezes-up the screen for 5 or 10 seconds now and then. Speeds reported by FFXP were up to "724 KBps"; DuMeter says max of 130 kB/secs. ... Did another test; FFXP was reporting 90 KBps, then froze for 5 or 10 seconds, and then reported an incorrect high number, and then started reporting correct number.

... Oops spoke too soon. I think whatever fault freezes the screen for a few seconds wrecks something else. I.e., in the test in the last paragraph, FlashFXP seemed to complete in a satisfactory way, but then when I closed FFXP entirely and tried to goto in the browser, several pages wouldn't load completely, and it stalled on the forum page. I rebooted, and went back and set the FFXP upload limit to 80 KBps, and then (1.) the FFXP upload test reported the correct speeds and didn't hang-up mysteriously, and (2.) subsequent connection to the internet and your pages worked correctly. Thus by this totally unscientific test we demonstrate something's happening too fast in FFXP.... (Did you callback some code recursively which isn't? I.e.,

void acallback(void) {
static int here=0;


if (here) {
enable_interrupts(); //or however it works.
return; //this stops bad recursion.

here = 1;

.... //display update code or something.

here = 0


Well anyway it seems to work with the 80 Kb throttle; I'm happy....

-- much obliged,

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