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Angry Can't Transfer......Can't Queue!!!

Hey everybody, I was useing FlashFXP 2.1 (shareware) as well as some of the betas without any problem. I really liked the program so I bought it, but now I can't transfer anything and I can't queue up anything. What I mean is, I can log on to an FTP site (any site) and pull up some files in the FTP window but the Transfer, Queue, Transfer As and Queue As are greyed out and If I hit the button on the toolbar to transfer what I have highlighted nothing happens. I tried re-installing twice with no luck and none of this happened untill I registerd my software. Any help with this would be greatlly appreciated.

Thank You

* FlashFXP v2.1, build 924, registered
* OS - WinXP Pro
* Running behind NAT - No
* Running firewall - Yes, Name - ZoneAlarm, Ver. 4
* Running Antivirus - Yes, Name - Norton 2003
* Network - xDSL
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