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I'll try and get the build # of his FTP. As well as asking him if he can provide any insight into the admin settings.

@Fusion: The transfers were simply me downloading, I didn't upload anything & haven't yet since installing FlashFXP.


@BigStar: I'll see if I can get onto the server today and do some testing of my own to see if I can track down the problem.


In case I have inadvertently changed a setting on this computer (which I doubt) what would I have to do to restore FlashFXP to the default settings? Would deleting the .ini do it or would it cause problems with the shareware timing out or something like that?

Also, I just wanted to add that I love the customisability of FlashFXP and how it works... once I am sure that me changing any settings isn't causing this problem I am going to "play" with the various settings.

Thanks for trying to help me sort this problem guys.