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Well, it's true, mIRC official forum is mainly maintained by other persons instead of Khaled...

My idea about localized versions of FlashFXP is that the person that download (or buy) a localized version of FlashFXP must have the sufficient knowledge of english to be able to post in english in this forum. Of course, to have a section (in this forum) in the language of each translated version of FlashFXP will be perfect but i think that this will cause too much work.

This is also applicable to localized customer support by email... think about this: if FlashFXP will be available in (for example) 6 languages the customer support by mail must be in these languages too.

It's more easy (and efficient in my opinion) keep the customer support by email only in english, dispite the future translations, and maybe (if it's really necessary) think about in localized sections in this forum. But of course you have the last word
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