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Default Schedule change or disabling of speed limit

Would it be possible to expand the schedule possibilities, to schedule a speed limit change at a certain time?

I'll explain what I mean by telling you something about my situation.

I have ADSL, with a maximum upload speed of about 6k/s. Because of this, most uploads take a very long time to complete, and I often choose to keep my computer running through the night to do this. However, I cannot upload at maximum speed during the day and late at night, because that makes regular surfing nearly impossible (I guess because there is nu upload bandwidth left). So at those times I usually limit the upload speed to 4k/s, which is - relatively speaking - a big difference. But because I cannot yet put it back to maximum speed when I go to bed, it keeps the limit during the night, which causes the upload to take much longer than neccessary. It would be a great solution if I could set a certain time, at which FlashFXP would disable - or turn up - the upload speed limit.

Thanks in advance,