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Default a specific que speed setting

by this i mean
if i am running multiable instances of flash i sometimes need to control the speed at which each is coming down or up seperate to the main configuration for up and down speed
a bit like smart fxp in which u can control the speed of each indivudal site which would amount to the same thing
it could be set in the site maager

also when downloading from a site it would be nice to have a 1 click button straight to the propeties of that site rather than having to open the site manager and possibly trawl through a long list to get the one u want

and configuration changes with regards to speed would need to be a instantanous as possible
with an option that they would change permanently to the new speed setting or that it would only last the lenght of the que and revert back to the particular sites normal settings at the end of it

i hope ive explained what im looking for okay

the money that ive spent on this app has got to be the best money ive ever spent

maybe i should have posted this in requests
if so could ye move it there
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