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Default Newbie with a few suggestions

If these options are already available disregard this, I am just learning this new program. I have been using bulletproof and their are a couple of options that I miss.

The first is an "all clear" button on the toolbar. I used this feature alot when I couldnt connect to a server or I was done transferring files. I just hit the all clear button and all fields were cleared making it easy for me to enter new site info without having to open up a new session of the program.

The second is the ability to move around a server's directories or folders during a transfer. I was used to being able to surf around to directories or folders that were in the cache while downloading. I often decide to cue up files that I had already looked at, once I have started my transfer. I have had to either wait until my transfer is finished to cue up more files or stop the download, add files, and then resume my transfer. It was so much easier being able to navigate back to directories or folders that had been opened during my session before I started the transfer.

And one last thing, if I had to stop my connection for any reason or if a server closed a connection, it would be nice that one you logged back on to that same server that it would automatically load unfinished files.

I swear, I am not picky, just making suggestions. Like I said I am very new at this program and these suggestions may already be available and I have just overlooked them. BTW......I love the program, it is great. Thanks
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