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Default "HIGHLIGHT" not to "DISAPPEAR"

Not sure if it's a new "SUGGESTION" or a help I need

Using the COMPARE is kinda confusing me - tried all combination and I still don't get what i wanted.

The only thing I'd like to see is an option "INVERT SELECTION" from the menu (just like file explorer)[list=1][*]Some files are * (i.e. filename)[*]Some files are *.* (i.e. filename.ext)[*]Some are files are (almost) duplicate. (i.e. test & test.txt) - so wants to get rid of test and keep test.txt (both are different sizes tho and I want to keep the biggest filesize safe).[*]Tried all combination in the compare option (even in the advance) .. works on some files but not on rest and some files gone hidden?[*]And finally, there are over 17,000 files that need checking. (gonna love cliparts )[/list=1]
Maybe someone can give me the correct combination or tell me if this need a new feature in the next version.

Btw, I'm not using "FTP" to/from "LOCAL" - just "Local Comparing" and comparing from 2 different folders (so it's around 12,000+ in one folder and the other 5,000 in another) and no, it would be too nasty if I copy those 5,000 files into the 12,000 files and overwrite/skip/etc..

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