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Default Re: 'new' and 'exit' issues with local editor

I use the built-in text editor a great deal. It's very convenient to use in the process of page tweaking.
As I use the editor, I noticed a few bugs:
1) the File- >new menu option will create a new file over an existing *modified* edit session (loosing work). ie: open local file, make a change or two, then choose 'new' from the 'file menu', and *whoosh*, empty window and no prompts to save changes.
I will change how the editor works, so that it always prompts to save when the content has been modified.

2) I've used a few instances of the built-in editor at one time (with local files), and mistakenly forgot to close all the minimized instances of the editor before i exited FlashFXP. The system responded with an error message per window I had open, not simply closing any saved files or prompting to save modified files.
Please reply if these items are need more details.
Thank you.
This had been addressed in the public beta build 823.
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